Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How to Clean & Care Air Dryer - Maintenance Tips

Choosing a right air dryer is a tough job but maintaining air dryer is very tough & sensitive job because proper maintenance of your air compressor helps you in efficient operation, longer life & reducing the operational cost. Poor maintenance of air compressor leads to malfunctioning, breakdown and so many other problems which effect badly in your production and can be costly because you have to repair of the air compressor.

Here are some tips for the maintenance of air compressor:

1.      Follow instructions: Reading your air dryer manual is a small time investment with big payoff. Manuals make you aware about maintenance schedule & operational guideline of the air dryer. Handling with the proper maintenance information will extend the life of air dryer.

2.      Daily oil levels check: Using an air compressor with insufficient oil can be caused serious damage in your equipment that’s why before use check oil in an air compressors that use oil.

3.      Polish intake vents: Always keep air intake clean, especially when environment is dusty and dirty otherwise it may degrade the quality of your tool or else you may lose power on your compression.

4.      Replace the separator element: Depending upon model at every 1 to 4 moth this separator element needs to be replaced which helps to prevent lavish oil usage. According to few survey and analysis it is shown that compressor energy costs rise by 1% for each 2 PSI of separator pressure drop.

5.      Keep Fasteners Tight: Loosing of screws, nuts and bolts can be caused due to vibration of compressor operation. So, you have to check them and tighten all parts periodically that have loose.

6.      Clean the Fuel Tank: Same like other engines you need to clean air compressor fuel tank periodically for optimal operating conditions. You need to check you air compressor fuel tank at-least once in year for long lasting life of your engine.

7.      Clean the Heat Exchangers: A dirty heat exchanger reduce the operating temperature and life span of your air dryer that’s why you need to clean your heat exchanger regularly for better operating temperature and long life.

8.      Monitor temperature: It is also an inbuilt or safety feature which specifies acceptable operating ranges for air dryer. If system gets too hot it will automatically shut down and prevent air dryer from damage you just have to make sure it’s functioning or not.

9.      Check Hoses: Check entire air compressor’s hoses regularly because cracks in any hoses can lead to leaks and cause unwanted damage. So, change or replace any hoses which are cracked or damaged.

10.  Look and listen: Prevent your machine from damage monitoring it closely. Don’t avoid any vibration and strange noise from air dryer. 

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Air Moisture Separator – Annair Drychill

Moisture or Steam separator use for separating water droplets from steam. It is important to remove water droplets from steam because it effects on the productivity and quality of the product also it can damage the engine in many ways by reducing the thermal efficiency or corrosion, water hammer, hydraulic lock in the engine. Equipment are very costly nowadays like flow meters, control valves etc. and due to wet steam they can be easily damage. Because water droplets travels at high steam velocities so it erode the valve seats and fittings, and this condition is known as wire drawing. Also water droplets will increase the amount of corrosion. It also Increase the scaling of pipe work and heating surfaces from the impurities available in the water droplets.

In result Failure of valve seats. To avoid this kind of issue we used moisture separator or steam separator.

·         No electricity
·         Mount inline
·         Centrifugal action for particle separation
·         Long lasting cartridges

There are three types of separator in common use in steam systems:

Baffle type
Baffle or vane is type of moisture separator in which there are number of baffle plates. When wet steam will pass from separator body it will separate the water droplet from the steam, the dry steam flows around the baffles and the water droplets collect on the baffles. The condensate collects in the bottom of the separator, where it will drain away through a steam trap.

Cyclonic Type
Cyclonic or centrifugal is type of moisture separator in which series is used to generate high-speed cyclonic flow. The wet steam swirl around the separator’s body and throw the heavier suspended water to the wall.

Coalescence Type
Coalescence is type of moisture separator which block (wire mesh pad) the steam path to absorb the water molecules. As the size of the droplets increases, the obstruction become too heavy and falls into the bottom of the separator.

If a separator is not uninsulated, it can raise water droplets to form rather than removing them, because of the large surface area exposed to the environment, and great amounts of heat energy can be lost from the surface of the separator. With the help of an insulation jacket, this heat loss can be much reduced and the energy savings justify the initial cost of the insulation, within very short time. An Insulation jackets is designed to fit over a particular separator.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Why Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer is the Best Option ?

Presence of water in compressed air systems can have serious complex. Suppose a 100 hp compressed air system can generate 40 gallons water in a 24-hour of period and due to reduction in quality, lost in production, and increase in maintenance costs, company loses million dollars every year. Installing a compressed air dryingequipment is the best solution for this problem.

The main key is choosing a suitable type of drying equipment which is not easy. First of all you have to understand how much degree it is required for drying and it is determined by any compressed air system expert and this is a very important step because maintaining required degree for drying will result higher ongoing operational cost.

Four main type of compressed air drying equipment are:
·         Deliquescent
·         Membrane
·         Refrigerated
·         Regenerative

There is very limited use of the membrane and deliquescent compressed air system and regenerative and refrigerated air systems are very common in use. Refrigerated compressed air dryer are more frequent and they are also come with well understood method of drying compressed air.

There are some industries like medical, food and beverage have application which requires very dry compressed air (-40 pdp sometimes -100 pdp) and it is not possible with the help of a refrigerated air dryer, in this case we have to apply a regenerative air dryer in the application. A regenerative desiccant compressed air dryer dry air and prevent the machines from corrosion and condensation also manufacturing process and product quality.

The five basic types of Regenerative air dryer:

Pressure Swing (heatless) : It is adsorption devices to remove moisture from air are installed in compressed air systems. During the drying process it retains the heat within the desiccant beds and by using dry purge air achieves the low dew points.

Heat of Compression : It is natural when air is compressed heat will automatically generated, and reverse process of cooling and decompression takes place. From the air compressed process it utilizes heat.

 Blower Purge : It is used to flush compressed air equipment with clean air and dry purge air from the process by utilizing a heat source. It ensures the functionality of the equipment is not getting affected.

Exhaust Purge (externally/internally heated) : It is a safe and reliable twin tower dryer air dryer delivers air dryer with pressure dew point -40°F. It use dry purge air and heat source as well from process.

Vacuum Assist : It utilizes a vacuum blower plus a heat source.

Annair Drychill Tech (I) Pvt, Ltd Mumbai Manufacture Company Unit No. 101, I Wing, Plot - K1, Udyog Bhavan-2, Additional M.I.D.C, Anandnagar, Ambernath East, Thane- 421506, Maharashtra, India. Undoubtedly it is one of the best Manufacturer Company in Mumbai.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Moisture Separator Manufacturer - Annair Drychill

Moisture separator is also known as a steam separator, it is used as a water droplets separating device from steam. Using steam with the maximum dryness fraction is always a good thing. A steam containing moisture is always causing of problems like water hammer, corrosion etc. and damage industrial equipment. Moisture separators are designed for equipment to filter gas and compressed air. Annair Drychill manufactures indoor as well as industrial air filtration systems like air moisture separator, steam moisture separator, industrial moisture separator, compressed air moisture separator etc.

Annair Drychillmanufacturer high performing cyclonic type moisture separator by using high quality raw material, large variety of sizes and are used to for the complete removal of entrained moisture particles and filtration of air and ensure for highest dryness fraction. These moisture separators can be customized with various industrial applications to suit the specific requirements of clients.
Annair Drychillmanufacture moisture separator which is high on durability and efficiency, our Industrial Moisture Separators can sustain even the hardest surrounding.

·         Smooth finish
·         Dimensionally well-constructed
·         long-lasting cartridges
·         Thoroughly engineered design ensures
·         Maximum dryness fraction.
·         Wide variety of sizes
·         No electricity
·         Can scale inline
·         Particle separation by centrifugal action

·         Avoid damages or problem like water hammer, corrosion etc.
·         Improve the overall quality of application by high heat transfer and reliability of operation.
·         Baffle plates guide the compressed air.
·         No need of electricity.
·         Long lasting equipment means install and forget.

Other Details:
·         A compressed air enters into the moisture separator and then move in cyclonic motion aroung inner pipe.
·         This compressed air impact on the baffle plates, after that mild steels separates the moisture or water drops from the compressed air.
·         Dry air enters through the bottom of the inner pipe and through the 100-micron stainless steel mesh it passes.
·       The compressed air comes out finally is 85% free from physical moisture and also 100% free from solid particles.

Sunday, 22 April 2018


Refrigeratedair dryers are used as most common types of air dryers because of their simple design, very little maintenance and relatively cheap in price. If you’re shopping for an Air dryer then refrigerated air dryer is a very standard choice. Refrigerated air dryer life span is often longer than most air dryer because they don’t need any much and special maintenance it’s like set-and-forget. All you have to do just buy a quality refrigerated air dryer and install it properly.


As name implies and like other air dryer, a refrigerated air dryer’s work is cool down the air (like a Freezer). A wet compressed and warm air enters in the air dryer, and cooled down about 3 degrees Celsius and water vapor condenses into water then the water removed by a water-trap from the compressed air.

Process of cooling is same as your freezer and fridge are cooled. To cool down the warm air liquid is evaporated into the evaporator. A small compressor compressed the refrigerant and in the condenser it cooled again.

In these two pictures you can see the various parts of the refrigerant circuit of an old refrigerated air dryer and condensate trap with discharge lines. The whole inner upper area is an insulated evaporator.

Refrigerant circuit is in the background and in the middle condensate trap with water discharge line of a compressed air dryer.

In the middle refrigerant pipes which is connected to the evaporator and cooling fan with condenser at the right side.


Whenever you are shopping for a refrigerated compressed air dryer there are some safety majors and key points which you have to keep in mind.

Pressure: pressure is most important thing you need to care. In refrigerated compressed air dryer maximum it must be same or higher than your compressor.

Maximum Flow: The maximum air flow must be higher than what your compressor can deliver. While setting your compressor’s pressure you need to set that at higher level to avoid pressure drop because air has trouble passing through it.

Inlet Temperature: The inlet air pressure is the most important thing and it can be affected by temperature of the inlet air or by the temperature of the ambient air. It has maximum specified Intel temperature and this temperature can exceed, in two cases first one is your air dryer part is damaged or it doesn’t have capacity to reach at desire dew-point.

Maximum outside temperature: You have to careful about your dryer in summer because if you put air dryer in hot room most probably dryer will shut itself down due to overheat. So, you have to buy dryer according to compressor room.


Every design and type has its own needs and instruction and comes with manual and guideline for the installation and maintenance of dryer.

Installation: Always install or unboxed a new dryer in cool and dust-free room and you will probably need about 1 liters of water per day. Normally voltage power consume by a dryer is about 115 (USA) / 230 (Europe). Cool temperature is also important because if it is too hot outside than the dryer become over-heated and breakdown may be occurred and also sometimes it is happen because of circuits get dirty.

Maintenance: There is no special maintenance need in these dryer you just have taken care about some points like fins (small plates) as they are very sensitive and also clean condenser once in a while. Steel brush is a good way to remove all the dust and there are also some special condenser fin combs for the cleaning.

There are some other problem occurred in dryer like it gets too cold sometimes. In winters, due to cool temperature or set point is very low and air dryer start dries air below 0 degree Celsius and water get start freezing. At some stage ice blocks the pipe completely and problem occurred.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers

What is Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers?

Heatless Desiccant Dryers is also called as Regenerative Desiccant Dryers, Twin Tower Dryer and lesser extent adsorption dryer these dryer provide simplest way to clean a factory by drying compressed air. Heatless desiccant dryer are extremely reliable with very low maintenance and also have few moving parts. In Desiccant air dryer compressed air pass through a twin tower pressure vessels which is filled with desiccant material such as silica gel, activated alumina, or molecular sieve.

Heatless dryers installed with generally a small footprint or we can say it take less space of valuable factory floor. There is no need for constant supervision in heatless desiccant dryers because it doesn’t need replacement for approximately 5 years. Heatless Air dryers is also known as twin tower dryer and both tower work separately like while first tower is in use then the second tower purge air to regenerate and the biggest cost of installing these dryers is this purge air accounts for approximately 15% of the processed air.

HeatlessAir dryers are ideally suited for moisture sensitive applications and also used for instrumentation and process applications as well such as CNC & CMM machines, spray painting, laboratory air & gas applications, Nitrogen generators, powder coating, etc…. Heatless regenerative produce pressure dew points as low as -40°F with optional features like adjustable cycle timer, solid state controls,  switching failure alarm , active tower lights  and purge saver control increases efficiency at reduced flows and adapted users requirement.  

Types of Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers

Heatless (no internal or external heaters): There are no internal or external heaters are used in heatless regenerative desiccant type. It can range up to 18% Purge air requirement from the total air-flow also it has a pressure dew point which is -40°F but can be obtained dew points down to -100°F.

Heated (internal or external heaters): In this type the amount of purge air is approximately 5-10 % of the total air flow and purge air is heated to a high temperature and after that it passes through the desiccant bed.

Role and Features
·         Dew point achieved - 40˚C
·         Compact and can be mounted on wall
·         Low power consumption
·         Lightweight Aluminum construction, no rusting
·         Specially graded desiccants for optimum performance
·         Equipped with pre filter & internal post filter
·         Quality as per ISO 8573.1 class 3
·         Range from 5 CFM to 100 CFM

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